María Cristina Jiménez

María Cristina Jiménez (ERYT 500; Certified Advanced Rolfer®)
has been teaching yoga since 2001. She currently teaches alignment-based, “anatomy-conscious” Hatha yoga but was also a Certified ISHTA yoga teacher, as well as a Certified Anusara teacher, a style she taught for 10 years. Maria Cristina was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her grandmother was her first yoga teacher, teaching her about asana, meditation, and pranayama when she was a young girl. Her fascination with the body continued when she suffered a horrific accident which fractured her pelvis, spine, and other parts of her body as a 15-year old. She spent time in a wheelchair and had to learn how to walk, an experience which led her to connect to the body’s innate healing power.

In addition to her public yoga classes, María Cristina has contributed to over 40 different Teacher Trainings all around the Los Angeles area, as well as nationally. She is known for her spiritual anatomy workshops, which help make anatomy accessible, relevant, and poetic. She works with students and private clients at every level of experience. María Cristina studied and continues to study with many great teachers, but has chosen not to have a main one. Her teachers include everything from her students, her yoga practice, anatomy books, nature, poetry, and this moment: right here, right now.