kim ritley

Kim has been having an affair with yoga for over a decade, but deeply fell in love with the practice during a year traveling around South America.  Establishing a personal practice during this transient time kept her grounded and helped her find her strength and her voice.  She began to realize the transformative powers of this practice and knew she wanted to share it with others.

Kim completed the Teacher Training program at Yoga Blend in 2012, and her love affair with yoga officially became a committed relationship.

Kim believes everyone should have the opportunity to experience yoga, and this belief had led her to teach in all kinds of interesting places, such as classrooms, living rooms, a domestic violence shelter, and inside an old puppet theater.

Kim strives to create a comfortable and supportive environment in her classes, which are really all about her students.  She is simply the guide, but she may feel inclined throw in a joke here or there.