heather hudson beeber

Heather discovered yoga over 14 years ago and began teaching in 2007.  Heather’s curiosity and desire to “live life to its fullest” has led her to many different practices and philosophies which she integrates into her teachings. 

Heather loves to guide students through a heart-centered inspiring flow that emphasizes breath, core strength, anatomy, kind observation and gratitude while encouraging exploration, mindfulness and fun!

In this blend, find space to continually discover and evolve by working through limitations, releasing attachments and liberating your body, mind and spirit. Tone your body, open your mind and uplift your spirit with love, laughter, sweat and an eclectic mix of tribal beats.

You can also find Heather performing as a voiceover artist, actress and creating artwork.  She is grateful for her many life teachers and gives special thanks to Christy Marsden, Mark Whitwell and Julian Walker. 

Heather was featured in LA Yoga Magazine. See the article here.