Giselle Felipe

Life is a fun mix of sun-shiny days and thunder-stormy nights. Can we sustain a balance and appreciation for both scenarios?

After a half-a-century of a fulfilling life, immersed from Day 1, in the Arts (visual, dance, music, drama-of life), and tip-toeing around the starchy corporate job path, Life signaled me to take a pivotal pause to re-set back in a refreshed sandbox of play, laughter, and new discovery. Try a new hat, put on new colored spectacles, move to the opposite end of the country, and re-connect with the wiser inner child in me.
Knowing that the process would initially be tough, with Trust, eventually ease would swirl into it. I patiently dove into my trainings for 500 hour yoga teacher certification, yoga philosophies, chanting, pre/post natal yoga, doula, sound bath, yoga for kids (not the goat variety, yet…. my learning list continues as I evolve).

I may forever be just getting used to weathering my sun-shiny days & thunder-stormy nights, but now my yoga “Toy Box” enhances each of my precious life moments as I find fulfillment in sharing, and growing the seeds of kindness and joy to kids of all ages and spectrum.

Living Life – it’s like riding a bike. At times I could ride it with ease, and pedal through with clarity. As more such moments come around, the more often I bow in gratitude to everyone and everything that graced my path.

That’s why you might see me rolling daily on my green bike, “Happy” … perhaps on my way to yoga.
See you in class… or on Your Bike!