emily lowry

In 2009, Emily did yoga for the first time. Thinking she was in for a relaxing getaway in the desert with her dad and a bunch of hippies, she was unprepared for the spark that would ignite her deepest passions. Since that fated Yoga Blend retreat, her exuberance for life has multiplied and she has cultivated a deeper awareness to the magical tool that is her physical body. By focusing and aligning the body, mind, and spirit, she is able to fully live in the present moment, both on and off her mat.

In 2012, she took the 200-hour teacher training at Yoga Blend, not to become a teacher, but to gain more knowledge and dive deeper into the origins of yoga. However when she was offered classes teaching corporate yoga, she realized it was only natural to share what she had learned. Now, she has come full circle and is beyond thrilled to share her experience and knowledge at Yoga Blend, the very studio that started her on this journey. Yoga continues to illuminate and transform her. She will always consider herself a student, growing more and more passionate about sharing the transformative powers that yoga has to offer.

Emily’s love of life and yoga is infectious. Expect an energetic, warm, inviting, and uplifting vibe, a healthy dose of fun and smiles, and a steady focus of breath and movement.