christy lynn hicks (founder)

Christy is passionate about personal transformation and helping others.  Through 25 years of dedicated practice in Yoga and Positive Psychology she has seen the profound transformation that has occurred in her own life and is on a mission to help others do the same. 

She believes in the power of intention and creates classes, workshops, trainings and events that are inspired by living a more purposeful life while experiencing positive emotions along the way.  Even when things get hard.  

Through movement, meditation, breath work, visualization and intentionality, she seeks to offer a practice that supports others in navigating their current state while also empowering them to live more in alignment with their hopes, dreams, desires and goals.  

She has learned that the inner world is where all answers reside but that life has a way of covering up that inner knowing, making us feel lost. Any of us can access this inner wisdom but for most of us it takes practice and tools.  She loves offering those practices and tools so others can find the answers they seek and step more powerfully into the life of their dreams.  

E-RYT 500; Yoga Educator & Teacher Trainer; Public Speaker; Well-being Coach; Certificate in Positive Psychology