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200 Hour

Become a Yoga Teacher!

200 Hour Yoga RYS200Teacher Training

with Christy Marsden, Nicole Eber, Bekah Turner as Lead Facilitators and Guest Teacher, Darby Orr

Starts  February, 2019.  Exact Dates and Times Below!

True to the philosophy of Yoga Blend, the teacher training is in a non-dogmatic style of yoga utilizing the basic fundamental teachings of yogic philosophy.  With over 45 years of combined experience , Christy, Bekah and Nicole are passionate about honoring the tradition of yoga while making the teachings accessible to a modern audience.

This training will prepare you to teach beginners right away and it will also take you on a personal journey to deepen your own practice of yoga. It is open to anyone and everyone with at least 6 months of practice and a genuine desire to learn.

The training includes:

~Yoga Philosophy
~Asana Practice~Breaking Down Level 1 poses and How to Teach Them
~Basic Anatomy & Physiology
~Practice Teaching with Feedback
~Pranayama & Chanting
~Creating a Home Practice
~Energetic Anatomy, including the Chakra System and Pancha Maya Koshas
~Class Sequencing & Theming
~Informative Touch
~Intro to Ayurveda
~Business of Yoga
~Restorative Yoga & The Nervous System
~Special Programs

Added Bonuses

-Opportunity to assist classes at Yoga Blend after training
-Certificate of Completion once all assignments and requirements have been adequately completed
-Eligibility to apply for Yoga Alliance registration after Yoga Blend certification has been issued.
-4 months of FREE Unlimited Classes at Yoga Blend (February -May 2019)– $600 value

Times of Training

Fridays 6:45pm-9:45pm
Saturdays 12pm-6pm
Sundays 11:30-6:30pm

Dates of Training, 2019

Feb 1-3
Feb 8-10
Feb 22-24
March 1-3
March 8-10
March 15-17
March 29-31
April 5-7
April 12-14
April 26-28
May 3-5

Cost: $2750
A $5oo non-refundable deposit reserves your space!
Balance due before training begins.
Payment plan available, call for details.

contact us for more information!


300 Hour Holistic Yoga Teacher Training

with Christy Marsden, E-RYT 500

Transform your life & help others do the same!

A non-dogmatic & non-style specific holistic training combining Eastern and Western teachings to prepare teachers with the tools necessary to transform their own life and help their students do the same.  Although asana will be explored, this course is not focused on the most advanced yoga poses.  Asana is but one small piece of the entire yogic puzzle and will be presented as it relates to each module as well as group and individualized teaching. Any physical abilities, including limitations and injuries are welcome in this course. 

The training is made up of 7, 4 day modules (Thursday-Sunday) of approximately 40 hours each and all 7 are required for 300 hour certification. The modules may be taken in any order.  All 7 modules can be completed in one year or taken over the course of 3 years according to your schedule and budget.

Open to 200 hour registered yoga teachers (RYT-200) wishing to add 300 hours of advanced training for a 500 hour designation (RYT-500) with Yoga Alliance.  Also open to all 200 hour yoga teachers who would like Continuing Education on any of the topics offered.

*Christy, owner of Yoga Blend in Burbank, CA since 2005,  has been teaching for 21 years, certifying 200 hour teachers since 2007 and 300 hour teachers since 2012.  Her deepest joy lies in helping others to discover their authentic voice, live a more joyful life and share their passion successfully with the world on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. She is committed to holding a safe space for people to transform their lives while guiding them to help others do the same.

Times of each Module:

Thursdays 8am-9:30pm w/ meal breaks
Fridays 8am-9:30pm w/ meal breaks
Saturdays 12:30pm-7:30pm
Sundays 11:30am-7:30pm


-$575 each Module ($4025 total for all 7 needed for certification)
-If signing up for all 7 at once- Single payment of $3780 (breaks down to $540 per module)
-Yoga Blend Teacher Training Graduates – $500 per module (or $3500 total total for all 7 needed for certification)

All modules are taught primarily by Christy Marsden unless indicated and will include well rounded yoga practices to support the work we are focusing on.

Each Module is approximately 40 hours and a part of Advanced Holistic 300 Hour Teacher Training if on the certification track. Each one is also open as Continuing Education to all 200 hour yoga teachers looking to deepen their understanding of the topics offered.

Module 1
October 11th-14th, 2018
Creating a Vision & Personal Practice plus Philosophy & Yoga Sutras

In this 4 day course you can expect:
-Daily Holistic Yoga Practice
-Yoga Philosophy & Sutras
-Individualized Home Practice

Join us as we explore the nature of the mind and its ability to travel into the past, present and future. We will discuss the specifics of creating a vision with individualized support and how to incorporate visualization into your practice and your every day life.

We will also cover the importance of a personal practice and create one that is specific to your needs/desires while also learning inspiring ways to customize a meaningful practice for your students.

Philosophy and Yoga Sutras will be woven throughout the weekend.

Open to all 200 hour yoga teachers wanting to get clear mentally, emotionally, physically and/or spiritually with practical steps to support them and their students along the way.

Module 2
November 29th-December 2nd, 2018
The Why, What, How, When & for Who of Asana with Intelligent Sequencing plus Philosophy & Yoga Sutras

In this 4 day course you can expect:
-Physical, Philosophical & Physiological Reasons for Doing Asana
-Daily Holistic Yoga Practice
-Yoga Philosophy & Sutras
-Individualizing Practices For Your Students
-Modifications, Variations & Use of Props
-Intelligent Sequencing
-Different Types of Practice (Yin, Flow, Alignment, Stretch, Restorative, etc)

In this module we will discuss the philosophical foundation of why we do asana with regards to form, function and experience. We will also explore which poses are appropriate for who, when & why those poses should be done and how to teach asana so the student is empowered through their experience of the posture.

In addition, we will explore intelligent sequencing for a wide variety of people and goals with an understanding of what causes imbalances and how to work with them through different types of classes, modifications, alternative options, use of props, holistic education and more.

Philosophy and Yoga Sutras will be woven throughout the weekend.

Open to all 200 hour yoga teachers wanting to broaden their understanding of asana beyond simply teaching poses and into teaching students according to their needs, imbalances, strengths and desires.

Module 3
January 24th-27th, 2019

Meditation, Pranayama, Mudra & Mantra plus Philosophy & Yoga Sutras

In this 4 day course you can expect:
-Daily Holistic Yoga Practice
-A Comprehensive Understanding of Yogic Meditation & Ways to Practice
-Multiple Pranayama Techniques & Their Appropriate Application
-Mantras For Specific Goals as well as Custom Mantra Creation
-Over 25 Mudras to Incorporate into Your Practice & Teaching
-Yoga Philosophy & Sutras

This module focuses on the more subtle yet extremely powerful tools of meditation & mindfulness, pranayama, mudra and mantra alongside breath centered asana which together comprise a holistic yoga practice.  Through case study and practical application, you will learn how to create well rounded practices that are appropriate for your personal practice, general groups and individuals working toward a specific goal.

Philosophy and Yoga Sutras will be woven throughout the weekend.

Open to all 200 hour yoga teachers looking to deepen their knowledge base with a wide array of tools that make up a holistic yoga practice.

Module 4
2019 Dates Coming Soon!
Energetic Anatomy including the Chakra System, Pancha Maya Koshas and other subtle anatomy

In this 4 day course you can expect:
-An In-Depth Exploration of Energetic Anatomy
-A Daily Chakra Based Yoga Practice w/ Poses, Mantra, Mudra, Meditation, Pranayama & Reflection
-Understanding Energetic Anatomy in Order to Support Your Students in Creating Lasting Change
-Using the Kosha System as a Way to Create a Practice that Permeates All Layers of Being

In this module, we will explore Eastern anatomy and physiology as it pertains to the practice of yoga.   The Chakra System and the Pancha Maya Koshas will be the backdrop for understanding, seeing, using and aligning energy.  We will dive deep into how energy works, what causes blockages and imbalances and how to create more flow through the holistic and practical application of energetics to all areas of our lives.

Open to all 200 hour yoga teachers wishing to better understand energy and how it affects us, our students and the world around us as well as ways to inspire their teaching from an energetic perspective.

Module 5
May 16th-19th, 2019

Physiology, Yoga & Eating, Ayurveda, Lifestyle Practices plus Philosophy & Yoga Sutras

In this 4 day course you can expect:
-Daily Holistic Yoga Practice
-Ayurveda as the Science of Longevity
-Lifestyle Practices that Support Optimal Health
-Eating Right For Your Body
-Yoga & Ayurvedic Philosophy Plus Yoga Sutras

In this module we will discuss the psychological and physiological implications of our daily habits and how what we do consistently shapes us into who we are on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. We will cover the ins and outs of daily routines, preparation, eating, digestion and assimilation as well as their significance in helping us to create a sense of overall health and well being. Individualized lifestyle practices for creating optimum balance will be offered to each participant in the group.

Philosophy and Yoga Sutras will be woven throughout the weekend.

Open to all 200 hour yoga teachers wanting to understand their own bodies better with lifestyle practices that support optimal health for themselves and their students.

Module 6
June 20th-23rd, 2019

The Power of Storytelling for Connection & Transformation Plus Philosophy & Yoga Sutras

In this 4 day course you can expect:
-Daily Holistic Yoga Practice
-The Art of Storytelling
-Creating Powerful Workshops & Retreats
-Ethics, Creating Boundaries & Responsibility
-Business of Yoga
-Yoga Philosophy & Sutras

In this module, we will explore storytelling and presentation skills as a way to engage and connect with your students. The goal is to transform your understanding of Yoga, a personal practice, your teaching and your relationship to the world around you so that you can translate this wisdom to your students in a way that is appropriate to them through powerful stories. We will also discuss leading workshops, retreats and trainings, the business of yoga, ethics, creating boundaries, your responsibility as a teacher and more.

Open to all 200 hour yoga teachers wanting to enhance their teaching style thorough the power of story as well as those wishing to expand into longer format teaching.  Also great for those needing to establish clearer boundaries for themselves and their students.

Module 7
August 1st-4th, 2019
Positive Psychology & Coaching with Christy Marsden

In this 4 day course you can expect:
-Daily Holistic Practices
-A Broad Understanding of Positive Psychology & Life Coaching
-Evidence Based Tools for Increasing Happiness
-Life Coaching as a Way to Support Positive Transformation

Using the science based research of Positive Psychology and the powerful tools of Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching, we will explore ways in which to work with clients who might not resonate as deeply with the yogic language or lens yet are still looking for ways in which to transform their lives on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels through evidence based teachings.

Open to all 200 hour yoga teachers wishing to add another layer to their teaching in order to reach a wider audience through powerful tools and practical application.

Questions?  Email christy@yogablend.com to discuss further!

~Due to the considerable amount of scheduling, booking, and preparation required for each module, all module payments are non-refundable. However, if you are unable to attend a module once purchased, you may use your payment as a credit toward a future module. Please contact christy@yogablend.com for further questions. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!