Yoga is meant for you…

Yoga is so many things to so many people. We all come to the practice for different reasons and whatever the reason, it belongs to you. Your practice should be just as unique as you are. 

I feel strongly about the important of practicing together in a group which is why I opened Yoga Blend! It brings like minded people, together. It reminds us that were are not alone on our path. Practicing in a group can inspire, encourage, uplift and support us. Being in community is a necessary component for a happier and healthier life. 

The downfall of group practice is that Yoga is meant to be an individual experience and no two people should have the same practice. What is beneficial for one person could be harmful to another. We may end up comparing ourselves to others and thinking we aren’t doing it right, we aren’t good enough, strong enough, disciplined enough, or flexible enough.

Yoga is an internal process. It is a practice of settling the noise of the mind to really see what is before us; it is being thoughtful in the way we move, breathe and respond; it is adapting to what is before us, moment to moment. It is taking into consideration all the aspects that make us who we are: the work we do, the food we eat, the structure of our bones, our physical abilities and limitations, our physiological make up, what is happening in our lives, the quality of our relationships, our medical history, etc. 

When you practice, you have a whole world you bring with you that is different from everyone else. The time on the mat is for you and no one else. It is a time to become more sensitive to the world around you so that you can move through the noise of life with more steadiness and ease and hopefully be surrounded by other people who are doing the same.