Yoga is a Practice of Action

Happy middle of the month!

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with love and laughter.

I am behind on just about everything because things don’t always turn out as planned. And this is why practicing the art of surrender can be super helpful 🙂

Yoga is a practice of action. If we don’t like what are getting, then we have to do something different. We cannot just know, understand, or desire something in our mind. We have to actually do something about it. However, knowing what action to take can be a challenge. So we practice yoga and get our mind to settle so we can see more clearly and hopefully have a better idea of the appropriate action.

Getting the mind to be clear enough for that can be a challenge, especially when something is particularly stressful or confusing. So it is also important to reflect on our actions to make sure they are the best for what it is we are trying to accomplish, change, create, etc. A great way to reflect is with another person or on a particular teaching or even just noticing our breath can be helpful in making a decision in the moment. Whatever way you choose, pausing to reflect is a very important part of the surrendering process.

Then comes the trickiest part of all which is the actual ability to surrender. Why is this so hard? Maybe because we want to control the outcome. Or because we want to know that our efforts will lead to a certain result. Or perhaps we are scared that we will get hurt, lose something, fail or a host of others reasons.

It is important to remember that the only thing we can control is ourselves and our actions. When we try and control others or the environment, we tend to suffer or feel anxious and often as a result don’t take the best action.

But focusing on the quality of our actions, we have a better chance of allowing the results to unfold. If we do the best we possibility can with all the knowledge and information we have, then surrender tends to organically happen because we know there is nothing else we could have done with what we have and know right now. It is when we don’t do what we know is the best action that we tend to hold too tightly, trying our best to control what we didn’t actually put in the effort to control. And the practice continues…

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Thanks for being on the this journey with us at Yoga Blend…community makes the work much more enjoyable!

With infinite love and gratitude…