Yoga gives time

When I find myself feeling overwhelmed and like I am not doing enough it is usually the result of neglecting my practice and therefore myself. This was definitely the case the past couple of weeks. 

In a world that values bigger, better and more, it is easy to focus on all that we are not doing, accomplishing or achieving. I sometimes feel as though I am running on a treadmill trying to do so much but then look up and find that I seem to be running in place, not actually completing anything.  When we are unable to do all that we set out to do in a day, a week or a month we can feel discouraged and maybe even defeated.  As a result, a low level of anxiety can kick in, causing us to feel that we are less than or not good enough, taking away from actually being able to enjoy the present moment.

We are bombarded which choices, decisions and responsibilities each and every day. Think about all the things you are responsible for and the choices you must make from the most simple to the most complex on any given day.  So. Many. Things. 

Is it any wonder that so many people are exhausted, overwhelmed and too tired to do anything for themselves after all that must be done each day? How in the world are we supposed to fit in a Yoga-Meditation practice or any other form of self care?

This is where it gets tricky because sometimes I honestly think and truly feel that I don’t have enough time for myself so my self-care gets put on the back burner. But time and time again, I have found that my Yoga & Meditation practice actually gives me time.  When I practice, I gain clarity so I know which choices to make, I am able to focus better so I am more productive, the extraneous noise settles and my breath deepens which reduces my stress levels and feelings of overwhelm.

After all these years, I still struggle to put myself first.  But every time I make myself and my practice a priority and do it consistently, I am absolutely amazed at how much more I am able to accomplish. And the crazy thing is, it doesn’t feel like I am doing more.  It feels like I am doing less less while also having more time to relax and be truly present.  Mind blowing.  

And this is why after 24+ years, I am still at this Yoga thing.  Quite simply…it works. 

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With infinite love and gratitude….