Where your attention goes, energy flows…

You might have heard the saying, where your attention goes, energy flows.  This is the premise of a Yoga practice: focusing your mind on one thing at a time.  With continued focus, that thing grows.  

What we choose to do every day should indicate what is valuable to us but how often do we do things and then wonder why we are doing it and where our time went?  

Just to be clear, I am not talking about the challenges of life that come our way that we have to focus on even when we would rather not. What I am referring to is choice. 

Yoga can be considered a values clarification system.  What we choose to regularly give our attention to, will tell us who we are.  

So the question is…are we giving our attention to things that are valuable to us on a regular basis…and if not, why?  And the converse, are you choosing to do something every day that when you really think about it is not something you find valuable? And if so, why? 

The hope is that the more we slow down, focus the mind, deepen the breath and let the noise settle, we have the opportunity to decide if what we are focusing on has meaning to us and if it does, we can focus on it more.  If not, we can choose to focus on something else.  

And of course, it takes practice.  Lots of it. Because life is filled with so much to distract us from what is most meaningful to us.  It is up to us to choose differently and it takes work.  But it is the type of work that brings so much freedom with it, so I am still at.  Every day.  

Try giving your attention to what is most important and valuable to you on a regular basis and see how the energy starts to flow.

With infinite love and gratitude…