Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

Happy February!  I hope you are having a great start to the new month.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what I am giving my attention to lately.

Where attention goes, energy flows.  What are you giving your attention to?  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about habits and how they define us.  One way to undo a habit that no longer serves us is by doing something else.  When we give our attention to something, energy begins to flow in that direction.  The more we focus in that direction, the more energy starts to build and creation starts to take place.

I was talking with a friend recently who is having a hard time meeting like minded people.  Turns out, he is spending a lot of time with friends from his past that really don’t have the same thoughts, ideas, inspirations and connections that he is seeking.  By giving attention to them over and over again the same type of people keep showing up for him.  I have been in that place where I didn’t understand why I couldn’t meet people I could connect with. I finally realized too much of my time was spent with people who didn’t light me up, inspire me, or make me feel safe.  And I kept attracting more of the same.

This does not mean we dump all our friends that don’t think like us, but rather, if we want something, we have to be willing to surround ourselves with people more like what we want.  Or do things that are more like what we want.  Or say things that are more like what we want.  Or think things that are more like what we want.

Another example is where I used to work in the corporate world.  I wanted so badly to open a studio and teach yoga full time but it seemed I just couldn’t get the ball rolling, even though I was teaching part time.  However, my corporate job was completely out of alignment with who I was and what I wanted to be doing so I struggled to make headway in the direction I wanted. It wasn’t until I quit that job and got another one that wasn’t exactly what I wanted but was much closer that things started to shift.

It took time, but once I started giving my attention to something closer to what I wanted the momentum started to pick up.  I gained confidence and courage and was finally able to let go of the corporate job and trust.

When you think about what it is you want to be doing, saying, thinking and experiencing, also think about what you are giving your attention to the most and if it is in alignment with those things.  If not, begin to put attention in the direction you want, even if you can only do a little bit right now, do it.  Even 5 minutes a day is better than none.

Trust that the more you give attention to something, the more energy will start to build.  What may now seem like a struggle, will become easier and before you know it, you will find that you are much closer to where you want to be. This is not about living in the future waiting for things to be a certain way before you can be happy.  This is about doing something RIGHT NOW that is closer to what you want.  From that place, you can truly be present and enjoy what you are doing because you know you are heading the right way.  Once you are moving in the direction you want, it is much easier to trust that the future will continue to unfold in that direction if you continue to give attention to it.

Just remember along the way, like anything worth having, it will most likely take time, effort, practice and patience.  But if it’s really what you want, no effort will ever be lost and it will be so worth it.  Every time.

We have so many amazing workshops coming up including one that I am so excited that we are offering on Herbal Medicine.  Learning about the power of herbs and using them in my my daily life to create a healthier, happier more holistic me has been one of the greatest and most rewarding additions to my yoga practice. I am so honored to have Eleni Tsikrikas, who taught me all about herbs, at Yoga Blend to teach an Intro to Herbal Medicine in February and March (you don’t have to attend both…you will learn about different herbs each month).  Please check it and all of the other wonderful offerings we have coming up.

With infinite love and gratitude…