The Power of 30 Seconds

I hope you are having a great month!

Do you often find yourself saying: I don’t have the time? Yeah, me too. More than I care to admit actually. So lately, to counter the anxiety of always feeling behind, I have been exploring the power of 30 seconds as a practice.

Every day, I notice people (myself included) rushing from one thing to the next and not fully paying attention to the world around them. So I have made a conscious decision to REALLY pay attention.

It blows my mind when people are in such a rush that they won’t let others merge when their lane is ending. Or they are so hurried they roll through a stop sign and go first even though they arrived after another car. Or people who won’t let a pedestrian cross at a non-light crosswalk because they are so very rushed. Or they cannot hold open a door for an elderly women with a walker. I suppose they think they REALLY need that 30 seconds to get somewhere. I wonder where?

What if we all just took an extra 30 seconds several times a day? Thirty seconds to allow that pedestrian to cross the street; to allow that car (or heck maybe even 3 cars) to go in front of us; take 30 seconds to hold the door open for someone or 3 someones; to do something nice, to slow down, to watch the clouds drift pass, to help out a stranger, to say hi to our neighbor, to appreciate our food before we eat it. What if we did that 20 times a day? The total time would be 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes to possibly change a life….including our own.

When I find myself looking at the world and feeling disheartened, I think of my practice. How can I personally practice this so I can integrate it into my life? I have been doing a few poses and then pausing for 30 seconds to real savor what I just experienced. I have been stopping during the day to reflect on all I am grateful for in my life. I have been taking thirty seconds to simply notice my breath. Thirty seconds can feel like so much in our time starved world and it does make a difference in the way we experience time, which makes a difference in the way we experience life.

We have so much coming up to support you in taking care of you…because you are worth the time. We all are. Please check it all out here!

With infinite love and gratitude…