The reason we do asana or yoga poses…

I hope are having a great month so far!  Summer is upon us and the heat is rising! Next week is the Summer Solstice, when day and night are equal and the earth will sit in perfect balance.

A yoga practice is designed to help us create balance in the ever changing tides of life.   In the Yoga Sutras of Patanajali, which is the manual for the philosophy of yoga and is comprised of 195 sutras, there are only 3 dedicated to asana (or the poses) and why and how they should be done.  It all comes down to balance.

It seems pretty simple but in fact, it can be quite a challenge.  There is one goal for every single posture and it has nothing to do with touching our toes but rather it is to embody two qualities, that of steadiness and ease.  We want to find that sweet spot right in between where we feel alert, focused, and strong, yet we are also calm, receptive, and relaxed.  And not just in our body, but also in our breath and in our attitude.

The next sutra on asana talks about applying the appropriate effort, not too much, not too little. Like Goldilocks…juuuuust right.  We meditate on and in the posture, moving away from the external and going deeper within, allowing the breath to guide us toward realization beyond our ego and toward the life source deep within us.

In the 3rd sutra on asana…the reason we do the postures and the result of doing our practice in the above ways is revealed.  The opposing forces of life, the ups and downs, are no longer disturbing.  In other words, just like the earth at the Solstice, we sit in perfect balance. Sign me up!

As we move toward the Solstice, it is a great time to practice bringing balance into your life.  Perhaps look at the ways you feel off and slowly and mindfully, do the opposite to shift you back toward center, realigning with what is most important to you.

Yoga Blend is dedicated to offering ways for you to find balance in your life.  We appreciate you practicing with us.  Please check out all that we have coming up to support you on your journey!

With infinite love and gratitude…