The problem with problems…

Yoga Blend, Burbank, Christy Marsden

Happy November! I hope your month is off to a great start.   I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about this month until Yoga Blend, Burbank, Christy Marsdenyesterday when I was doing something really simple and my back went out. I was just leaning over a sink to wash my hands and it seized up and I couldn’t straighten up.  The rest of the morning was spent moving very consciously trying to keep my core engaged while trying to undo the severe forward folding motion and gently ease the intensity of the pain I was feeling.  By afternoon, I was able to stand up straight without wincing.  I was very happy with such quick progress. I am still recovering but to have such a huge improvement in mere hours was amazing to me.  Then I acknowledged just how far I have come and I’m not necessarily talking physically.  When it happened, I didn’t have a problem with having the problem which has always been more of a problem for me than the problem itself.  I just saw it for what it was and without judgement, thought of some possible reasons that it could have occurred, accepted that I would have to navigate through the healing process however long it took, and then I just let it go.

So much of my life, I spent more energy, stress and fear around having problems and why I had them, rather than just simply facing them as they arose.  I imagine that is the case for many of us. So often, when something difficult in life happens, we spend a great deal of our time dwelling on and complaining about the fact that it happened and wishing that it hadn’t.  I immediately thought of the last time my back went out and someone said to me, “but you’re a yoga teacher, your back shouldn’t go out!”  She had a problem with my problem.  And at that time, so did I.

Just because we do yoga and get clearer, healthier and happier does not mean that we are free from all of life’s challenges, hardships, injuries and pain.  However, the hope is that our yoga practice will help us to develop resilience and bounce back faster from life’s setbacks.  I used to get so worked up because a problem had occurred that it would take longer to work through because of my resistance to it.  In the rare times I could simply accept that it was there and deal with it best I could, the recovery was so much faster and so much sweeter.  Yoga has helped me to do this. Yesterday, I was able to see just how much.

Do you have a problem that you are frustrated about and wish wouldn’t exist? If so, try using your practice to learn acceptance. Is it something you could have prevented? If so, then admit it and use this valuable messenger to help you make better choices moving forward.  Was it completely out of your control?  Then use it is as opportunity to become more graceful in the face of adversity and simply do the best you can.  Is there something you can do about it? Then do it and move on. If there’s not, then just let it go.

But how do we let go?  Practice.  Yoga helps us with the things above such as acceptance, making better choices, developing grace, doing our best and taking action in our physical body and whatever we experience physically, we also experience in our entire being as we are not separate from our physical body.  It may come about first in the body, or the breath or the mind but trust that with dedication and consistency, whatever you practice will become a part of your entire being and therefore your entire life.

Are you curious about the deeper teachings of yoga and interested in possibly teaching?  Then, come to our Teacher Training Open House on Thursday, Nov 6th with me, Nicole and Bekah to find out if Yoga Blend’s upcoming teacher training is for you!  Also, mark your calendars for our Annual Holiday Party coming up on Saturday Dec 6th where we will have a chance to celebrate together outside of class.  We will also have our once a year holiday sale and this year it will be the biggest sale we’ve ever had. Stayed tuned for details!

With infinite love and gratitude….