The Power of Your Attention

I hope you are doing well and focusing on the things that bring you joy.
As I look back on the past year and look forward to the one ahead, I have been thinking a lot about the value of my attention and what I want to create.
One of the greatest things we can give is the power of our attention.  I have always heard the phrase, ‘where our attention goes, energy flows’ and have totally seen how this plays out in my life and the lives of others.
Just last week, I read a re-phrasing of this concept that really opened me back up to its potency; “where our attention is directed, our life force is projected.”
Life force can be thought of as our ability to create and bring things to life, whether a thought, idea, art project, plant, relationship, fitness, food, music, etc.  What we give attention to brings it to life.
Yoga is a practice about harnessing the mind or in others words directing our attention. According to Yoga, one of the greatest causes of suffering is the inability to choose what to focus on.  Because there are so many options out there, sometimes we don’t know where to project our life force or we end up projecting it to places that are not really in line with who we are or who we want to be, so we may end up feeling scattered, distracted, depleted, unfulfilled and/or stressed out.
We practice Yoga to gain clarity, to clear out the confusion, so we know where to direct our attention and can send our life giving power somewhere that means something to us.
Maybe you’ll join me this month in a practice of noticing.  Not judging.  Simply noticing where you put your attention and pausing to ask yourself, “is this where I want to send my life?” It’s been really powerful for me, perhaps it will be for you too!!
With infinite love and gratitude…