The Motherpeace Tarot

Yoga Blend, Burbank
bekah turnerRenowned feminist scholar, author, and healer Vicki Noble will be at Yoga Blend next month to introduce and explore the Motherpeace Tarot cards.

Bekah Turner, General Manager & Teacher at Yoga Blend, who has studied with Vicki Noble, and shares her personal experience about the Motherpeace Tarot:

I grew up with the Motherpeace tarot cards. My mother had them and for birthdays, broken hearts, bad days or just giggly nights, she would pull them out and give us a reading.

As an adult, I have seen many other tarot decks, and they all have their merit, but for me, the Motherpeace are the most yogic. The round shape symbolizes the cycles of life and the interconnectedness of all things. The cards have been re-named and re-born through stories of matriarchal societies and there are no “bad” cards, every card offers an opportunity for growth and change, just like yoga poses.

Working with the cards as part of my daily practice is so helpful, it allows me to connect to spirit in a simple way and set an intention. Any yogini seeking communion with their inner wisdom who also wants to bring more ritual and archetypal guidance into their lives should attend this workshop.

Vicki Noble is the co-creator of the Motherpeace, and one of my favorite teachers. I am so excited to explore the Motherpeace in person with her, this is potentially an once in a lifetime opportunity!

I know it will be a day of deep transformation and learning. Please join us! No experience with Motherpeace, tarot or yoga necessary, just bring a curious mind and an open heart.

Modern Oracle: Exploring the Motherpeace Tarot with Vicki Noble

Sunday, July 27th, 11:30am to 8pm at Yoga Blend

Motherpeace is timeless, portraying — for the first time in centuries of Tarot history — a rich world of female imagery in which women and children hold the center in a variety of mythic, prehistoric, and contemporary settings.

These round feminist cards can be read for divination from the images alone, without any knowledge of Tarot. They can also be studied as part of the system of Tarot and understood within that more formal context. Embedded within the symbolic language of Motherpeace are the paradigms of matriarchal and ethnic studies, shamanism, yoga, and paganism, as well as the core principles of western occult and esoteric studies.

The Motherpeace images contain, in a fresh stylized form resembling “folk art,” reproductions of artifacts, images, and knowledge from the disciplines of archaeology, anthropology, history, and art.

There will be cards to work with at the workshop, and attendees are invited to bring their own decks as well. There will also be Motherpeace decks for available purchase, please bring cash or check.

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