The Future of Yoga Blend

Dear Yoga Blend Community,

I hope this message finds you doing well, staying healthy, and finding some joy in this unforeseen era.

As founder and owner of Yoga Blend, I am writing to share some important updates about the studio in response to the global health and economic crisis in which we find ourselves.  As a small business owner and a devoted yoga teacher and practitioner, I have a responsibility to our teachers, staff, students, and greater communities to support mind, body, and spirit wellness practices while ensuring the wellness and viability of Yoga Blend itself. I imagine at this time the entire Yoga Blend community and beyond is concerned for their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their families, and that many are struggling with physical, mental, and economic health challenges. The pandemic impacts us all in varied ways.

 There are many unknowns right now over which we have no control: when studios will be permitted to open; when it will be safe to gather together in groups; when our community will feel comfortable returning to in-person classes; when practitioners will feel financially secure. 

I know you have looked to Yoga Blend as many things over the years that are personal to you: your gathering place, your gym, your continuing education, your newsstand, your social center, your sanctuary, your gift shop, your therapy, your inspiration, and your lighthouse in dark times. It certainly is all those things to me, as well as the manifestation of my deepest longtime dreams. We have built Yoga Blend together, and my gratitude to you is endless. 

A surprisingly uplifting aspect of this pandemic is that through our online classes Yoga Blend’s community is no longer limited by geography. The number one thing I have heard repeatedly over the past few weeks from students and teachers is, “Regardless of what happens out there, please keep the online classes going.”  I hear you loud and clear and yes, we will continue the online classes. Thank you for bringing your friends from other states and countries into our Yoga Blend community. 

As a result of this pandemic, many things are uncertain. Yoga Blend as a brick-and-mortar business has stood empty since mid-March. We do not know when we might be permitted to reopen our doors, and “getting back to normal” will certainly be a long recovery road. It has become clear that as a business model, the financial burden of supporting a physical location is, for the foreseeable future, untenable. As a result, after substantial consideration, I have made the very difficult decision to permanently close our beloved Magnolia Blvd location.  

While this decision was deeply difficult, Yoga teaches us to look at things as they are, not as we wish them to be. Given California’s reopening phases, even in a best-case scenario, the regulations that govern yoga studios would require limited capacity, long and staggered check-in procedures, health checks, six-feet distance between mats, mandatory masks, and stringent sanitary protocol. Even with government-approved openings, many in our community will not feel safe returning until this crisis has run its course.

What I feel our community needs most is access to our educated and heart-centered teachers, support for your wellness practices, connection with each other, inspiration, education, and a place where you can find sanctuary from the challenges that life presents. 

We — I speak here on behalf of both myself and your beloved Yoga Blend teachers — are committed to continuing all of this and more. In the new Yoga Blend 2.0, we are envisioning new offerings to be rolled out in the coming season and beyond.  I am heartened by our community’s strength and flexibility during these quarantine times. The pivot to an entirely virtual model for now will allow us to focus on building our offerings online and, when the time is right, to create new in-person classes, workshops, events, and retreats.

Our studio has always been a blend of styles united by a shared love of well-being for ourselves and the world. We continue to be inspired by your individuality and united by our shared values. We are excited by the ways that Yoga Blend can grow in this new realm.

I look forward to the day when we can stand face-to-face in health and embrace each other with gratitude. From the depths of my heart, thank you for all the years of gathering in person. We will absolutely gather again when the time is right. 

With infinite love, gratitude and really long, virtual hugs…