Take Steps Now

I hope you are having great month so far!

I was talking with someone today about why, as a teacher, I am committed to being a student, first and foremost. There are many reasons, but the one I found at the forefront of our conversation was a yoga sutra that reminds us to take steps now to avoid future discomfort.

So often, when things are going well it is easy to stop practicing yoga, doing our self-care routine, meditating, journaling, or whatever else it is that keeps us focused, calm and on track. However, the best time to dive deeper and commit more fully to our practice is when things are going great!

We tend to amp up our practices and make changes when things get out of balance or when we are stressed out to the point of it causing disharmony in our lives. It is actually much harder to do the work when things are hectic because we have less energy, focus, strength, perspective or other qualities we may need to handle the challenge. If we apply efforts when things are going well, when we are healthier, stronger and more focused, we will be better prepared for the challenges when they arise.

One of my favorite quotes is ‘you don’t repair the sail in the middle of the storm.” The repair, the work, the practice is best done when things are going well so that our practice becomes more preventive rather than reactive. It doesn’t mean that we stop practicing when things are hard, but rather we put more effort into the work when things are going well so we develop the necessary skills while we are strong to handle the inevitable curve balls that life throws our way.

I am excited to be back at the Blend next week to wrap up our 200 hour teacher training, teach the Monday night classes on May 1st and do a workshop with my friend Ben on the 4th. You can find out about all of this and more here.

With infinite love and gratitude…