Sustained Focus

Happy December!

I hope your month is off to a great start so far!

The Yoga Sutras defines Yoga as the ability to direct the mind toward one chosen object (can be anything) and maintain that direction without distraction for a sustained amount of time. When we are in a state of Yoga (i.e. mind focused, therefore relaxed and settled), we experience our true nature. Ahhhh. When we are not in the state of Yoga (distracted and agitated), what we experience is the activities of our mind instead. Oh dear!

With everything that is happening in the world right now, I can honestly say I have not been in a state of Yoga nearly as much as I’d like lately. I find myself having a hard time staying focused, am easily distracted and feeling out of balance. It’s no wonder. The constant barrage of information, misinformation, tragedy, negativity, suffering, abuse, etc. can leave anyone feeling like their head is spinning, not knowing which direction to go.

Personally, I know that my lack of focus means it is time to really up the level of my practice. So that is what I am doing physically, physiologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. One of the things I am doing this month to inspire myself and my practice (which I will admit has become a little mechanical) is I am choosing to focus on one yoga pose a day.

My goal is to really put my attention on something and explore it fully with meaningful awareness, deep breaths, compassionate acceptance and humbling grace, pausing regularly to contemplate what am I doing and why? Has this pose become so habitual that I am no longer paying attention? Can I feel the nuances of the pose and the energy and affect it has on me? How is my breathing in it? What am I thinking about and what is my overall attitude? This is a practice. One I am excited to explore. Maybe you’ll join me?

We have so many wonderful things coming up at the Blend over the next couple of months including our Holiday Open House on the16th which we are doing differently this year to change things up! And my favorite time of year…our annual Deepen Your Yoga Immersion for those wanting to learn more about this amazing practice and our 200 Hour Teacher Training for those who might want to share with others.

Details about all this and more can be found here so please check it all out and I hope to see you this week or next in class or around the studio.

With infinite love and gratitude…