Summer Time…

bekah turner… and the living is easy… or so I hope.

We are still in the glow of Sagittarius full moon as the sun is waxing towards summer solstice (June 21st). The Cancer new moon, which to me, marks the cycle of jumping fish and high cotton, begins on June 27th, with the Capricorn full moon following on July 12th.

This season is one of celebration, abundance, beauty, family and community. It is important to fill ourselves up with these things and all that you love and that nourish you.

Solstice signals the longest day of the year in our hemisphere and even though it also activates the summer season, the nights slowly get longer from that point until winter solstice in December.

As the days shorten, we need the light we have cultivated to sustain us through the darker cycles to come. Just as we all know the story about the grasshopper who sang all summer and was left with nothing when the cold came, we all can learn from this metaphor. When light is abundant, we gather energy, we bring in prana, or life force, in the form of play, joy, travel, food, flowers, love, etc and prana is what keeps us connected, healthy and joyful. Prana is most available in the lighter months.

I encourage you to be mindful at this time. The days really go so fast and it can be easy to use up hours sitting in the AC, being hungover, or engagging in activities or relationshsips that don’t serve your highest self. If we can find gratitude for the prana available and soak in as much of the light and life as we can, not only do we benefit, but all our loved ones and all being can, as well.

We need to play in the light. We need to recognize and share the gifts all around us. Use this sunny cycle to fill up, and spread that joy to the world.

I am teaching a couple workshops at Yoga Blend in June: the first is to tune in to the summer solstice on Friday June 20th. The second is a Free Intro to Yoga on the 29th which is great for anyone curious to try yoga, or for newer students.

Wherever the sun leads you, may you experience the beauty of the season, may you revel in the sacred light and may you shine your light for all to see!


Bekah Turner is a teacher and General Manager here at Yoga Blend. In addition to passionately continuing her Yogic studies, Bekah has been following a Shamanic path since 2003. Her intention is to combine Yoga with the ancient teachings and tools of Shamanism for greater health, happiness and healing.