Subtlety by Christy Marsden

I hope you are having an amazing month and taking care of yourself during this busy and unpredictable time of year!

With all the travel and responsibilities of life, I have been consciously focusing on bringing more subtlety into my yoga practice and into my everyday life. For those of you who know me…don’t laugh! I know I can be full of energy, quite gregarious, rather loud and pretty clumsy at times but I am working on it. It is a practice for sure!

I have always been the one to try my hardest to give the impossible and draining 150%. I will work harder and longer than I should to try and finish one more thing. I put an extreme amount of effort into creating my life and there is definitely something wonderful and necessary about that if we want to get things done and bring our dreams to fruition. However, applying force to everything we do can take away from the actual enjoyment of the process. With constant force, we begin to lose stamina and strength rather than being able to sustain our energy. Often times, being more subtle and applying less pressure ends up making things easier, more efficient and more satisfying.

We live in a culture that bases our value on what we do and how much we do, so the tendency is to force ourselves into doing more. If we are always pushing ourselves to our maximum, eventually, we will burn out, The key is to apply just the right amount of effort. Through this practice, I am learning that the ‘just right’ amount is WAY less than I think. I can’t help but laugh when I am struggling with something and realize that by releasing the force and being more subtle, it becomes easier and I am much more relaxed. Who knew?

One way we can practice this consciously is on the yoga mat. We can pay attention to how much force we are applying to do a pose or a transition and see if by being more subtle, we can actually be more powerful and graceful at the same time. Amazing. We take the time in the safe environment of our yoga practice to prepare us to take this work out into the world where there is certainly a lot of force being applied.

We have a lot of schedule changes, class subs and cancellations as well as some repair work over the next few weeks, so please be sure and check it all out here or on posted signs around the studio.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, however you choose to celebrate. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of Yoga Blend. I so appreciate you!

See you in the new year!!!

With love and infinite gratitude…