Steadiness and ease

Every day seems to be so different in some ways and yet the same in others. One day floats into the next and a whole new set of feelings, joys and challenges come along with each passing day.  As we ride the roller coaster of this life we find ourselves in, I hope you are doing ok and that you are finding ways to feel at ease in the chaos.  I hope you are experiencing love and laughter every day. I hope that you are able to find strength when you need it and softness when you don’t.  I hope that you are able to focus on what matters most and breathe deeply when things get uncomfortable. 

Yoga has so many pearls of wisdom to offer and one that I have been focusing on this week is the idea of asana. You might recognize this word as it is at the end of every pose name but it is more than just a shape. It is an entire attitude of alignment in body, breath and mind.  To make a pose an asana means that we find the delicate balance between steadiness and ease, not just in our bodies, but also in our mind and in our breath.  This is the goal of every yoga pose, regardless of how easy or difficult the pose may be.

When we do asana this way, it is said to help us be less affected by the ups and downs of life.  I’d say we’ve had plenty of that in the past 6 months! So perhaps as you practice this week, explore this as a way to help you find more balance so that you can ride the waves of this tumultuous life with more steadiness and ease.