September Featured Teacher: Kim Neer

At the core of the Yoga Blend experience are our amazing teachers. This month, we feature KIM NEER!

Hometown: I grew up in Bainbridge, Ohio, a small town just outside of Cleveland.

Kim-FT1What brought you to Los Angeles? I came to Los Angeles 3 years ago after spending a year exploring South America.  I had decided it was time to return to the US but I didn’t want to live in Ohio or Chicago where I had previously been living, so I chose Los Angeles because my best friend from childhood was living here and we had always hoped we’d get to live in the same place again.  It was a decision I made kind of on a whim, but turned out to be a great one!

My favorite place in LA is… My favorite place in LA is definitely Yoga Blend, because obviously it’s the best place.  My second favorite place is probably the farmer’s market in Larchmont Village where I live because I go there every Sunday and just really love that ritual. 

Most memorable thing I did in the last 12 months: Was hanging out with real elephants at a sanctuary in Thailand.  Elephants have been my favorite animal for as long as I can remember, and getting to see them up close, touch them and feed them was a dream come true.  The place we went to was wonderful, all the elephants had been rescued and seemed very happy there.  I think I had a smile on my face that entire day.  

Favorite food: My favorite food is probably popcorn.  I just go crazy over it!  My friends know to make a lot of it when I’m around because I am a popcorn eating machine.  I once considered getting a tattoo of a piece of popcorn behind my ear and in retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t do that. 

Dream vacation destination:  I really want to visit every continent some day. I want to see as much of our world as I can! Traveling is something I have always loved to do; the love was instilled in my as a child, my family traveled quite a bit. I only have three continents left that I haven’t been to (including Antarctica) so I think this dream will be realized. 

If I were an animal, I would be: An elephant! I am kind of obsessed with them.  I just think they are so beautiful and intelligent and I love how important community is to them.   

My ‘signature dish’ when guests come over is: My vegetarian chilli that I make in my crockpot.  I use this mix of about 20 different kind of beans and make it pretty spicy.  I never follow a recipe, but every time it’s delicious.

Childhood ambition: When I was a kid I really wanted to be a dancer.  I’ve always loved to dance.  When I became a moody teenager I replaced that dream with wanting to be a poet.  

I rock out to: anything that makes my body move.  Right now I’m really into Quantic and Glass Animals.  But I also love to lie on the floor and listen to classical music.  

Kim teaches Baby & Me Yoga on Wednesdays (1:45pm) and Friday (10am).

She is also subbing Basics on Wednesdays at 9:30am and $5 Flow, Fridays 6:30am while the lovely Sommer Thome is on maternity leave. See her weekly schedule at