Yoga Blend, Burbank, Christy Marsden

Hello and Happy April!

I hope this email finds you thriving and enjoying the surging energy of spring!

One of the greatest things we can do for ourselves in order to handle all the roles and responsibilities of our very demanding lives is to take care of ourselves….first.

Some of us were taught that serving others first is the most important. We were taught it is righteous to sacrifice our time, energy, and sometimes even our own happiness in order to help or do for another. At least I was taught that.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Helping others is wonderful and necessary and can bring a lot of joy to us and the person we are helping. However, if we are depleted, sacrificing our own needs and health in the process of helping others, what good are we to anyone else long term?

In order to give anything to anyone, we must first have something to give. Yoga teaches us to fill up first so that we have abundance within us. By regularly practicing yoga holistically we fill our body, mind and spirit with prana (or life force) and it’s almost as if we have to share because we are so full that we find ourselves overflowing. Then from that place of abundance, we give generously and lovingly from the heart and can actually be of much greater service to those we want to help. Based on my own experience, I find this to be very true. The more I take care of me, the more I have and the more I want to give to others.

A holistic yoga practice is so much more than poses. A combination of the following practices help us to draw prana in giving us energy, health and focus: asana, pranayama, chanting and sound, meditation, visualization, whole foods (the less distance from the earth to our belly the more prana!), education, journaling, dancing, having a teacher, mentor or therapist, surrounding yourself with like minded community, creating or seeing inspiring art and creating or listening to inspiring music, massage (either self or from someone else) and healthy daily rituals (which can include any of the above!).

Our practice is an opportunity to be mindful about what it is we are drawing into our field every day. Make it something that gives you life and lifts you up. Make it something that feeds your soul. Then get out there and share your abundance with others!

We have so many wonderful self-care workshops and classes coming up this month and beyond to support you in taking care of you so you can joyfully care for others. Please check it all out here.

With love an infinite gratitude….