Sagittarius Full Moon: Opening to Spirit

bekah turnerI just got home from a week with my family and oldest friends. It was a very sweet week, perfect for the Gemini season, even with Mercury now in retrograde. Mercury rx can sometimes make travel a little weird, but it is the perfect time to check in with the past and do anything that starts with the letters “re.” I spent a lot of time these last seven days reflecting, rethinking, reimagining and reliving with my nearest and dearest.

My intention for this Gemini cycle is to change my mind, to let go of negative patterns and thoughts and shift my brain’s functions to positivity and activity for the highest good. Sometimes, in order to change the future, we have to look at our past, and not in a way that is critical or full of regret. It can be fun to think of our lives as a story, as an adventure, with comedy and tragedy, mystery and love. This is the forte of Sagittarius, Gemini’s astrological other half and ruler of this week’s full moon. Sag is a fire sign, which connects us to spirit, just as air tunes us into the mind. Sag, like Gem, is mutable, dissolving, transforming, and when I think of mutable fire, I see a giant bonfire. The kind that leaps, dances and enlivens the night, the kind that makes you want to dance with it, or sit around and tell stories until nothing but ashes remains.

Sag is one of the most delightful signs, the centaur, the gypsy. Ruled by generous Jupiter, Sag is the most capable of looking at any situation and finding the spirit in it, the soul, and turning it into the epic journey it truly is.

I was raised by two Sagittarius sun signs. This explains my nomadic upbringing, but another aspect was brought to light a few days ago. I was sitting in my sister’s living room with my dearest friend and we were rehashing some high school drama. My mom walked in and asked something, I can’t recall what, I answered and she responded with a cheerful, “Okay.” I turned back to my friend and she laughed and said that my mom had not changed at all, she still responds to everything with with an optimistic calm. I mused on that. My friend was right. My mother has gone through a lot with four daughters, and with me in particular. And no matter what we threw her way, tattoos, boyfriends, teenage pregnancy, you name it, we did it, her response was the same. Okay. And this is not a passive or deluded okay. My mom’s okay is an acceptance of what is and a willingness to move through it. I think of games I played in theatre improv classes, where the only rule is you have to say yes to whatever is thrown at you and build on it.

That is modus operandi with Sag. Whatever life throws at you, say, Okay, and then make it your own. You can change the outcome, after all, fire is the quickest way to transform anything, but there is no resistance. You drop something in the flames, and they rise to consume it.

On this full moon, can we say “okay” to spirit? Can we say okay to our past, can we look at our stories as these grand opportunities that have brought us here, to this pivotal point in human history where so much is possible, and allow our stories to show us who we are, who want to be, what our strengths and hopes are and to help us trust that we can change our minds, and the whole damn world, if we choose.

It is bittersweet to leave my loved ones. I savor every hug and laugh with those beings. But I have a different life today, a life made possible due to those people and our stories. Thanks to all of that, I have created a life better than anything I could imagine. From my past, I made a future and that future continues to unfold. I am open to spirit and where spirit has led me. I am willing to say okay, and even more so, I am willing to say yes to this adventure of life, to let the fiery full moon transform and entice me towards this new way of thinking, seeing and being in the world.

I hope you, too, can embrace the June moon. I hope you can look back with loved ones and laugh at your journey thus far. I hope your stories help to ignite your spirit, which can change your mind and help you continue to create the life of your dreams.

Many blessings,


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Bekah Turner is a teacher and General Manager here at Yoga Blend. In addition to passionately continuing her Yogic studies, Bekah has been following a Shamanic path since 2003. Her intention is to combine Yoga with the ancient teachings and tools of Shamanism for greater health, happiness and healing.