Happy (almost) July! I wanted to get this out early so you could see our Holiday schedule.  We have a cancellation the day before the holiday, a very limited schedule on July 4th and a cancellation the day after, so please be sure and check it out here!

I love the summer and always have.  I love the spontaneity and carefree pace that this season brings.  However, with less of a schedule and routine, it can sometimes feel hectic and out of balance.  

One of the ways we can stay focused and grounded when things are less than routine is through the practice of rituals.  We all have rituals that we engage in on a regular basis whether it is walking the dog every morning, making coffee and reading the news, meeting our friend for lunch, taking yoga on certain days at certain times, reading before bed, etc.   Whatever we do on a regular basis could be considered a ritual.

Rituals help connect us to the every day and can help keep us centered in this ever-changing world we live in.  However, if we are doing them mindlessly without a lot of thought or feeling, their effect is not nearly as powerful.

If you are feeling frazzled and out of sorts, try pausing before you do something that you always do and reflecting on what that activity means to you.  Taking a moment to acknowledge the significance of something you do regularly and appreciating what it means to you can really shift the impact it has on you and the rest of your day.

I will be back in Burbank in a couple of weeks and look forward to seeing you around the studio!  Until, then…I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday and enjoy whatever rituals you and your loved ones choose to engage in this week!

With infinite love and gratitude…