Responsive not Reactive


I hope you are having a wonderful April so far!

When life throws us curve balls, often it is the problem we have with having the problem that causes us more of a problem than the actual problem itself. If we can just focus on what has shown up and deal with it the best we can rather than dwelling why it has shown up or wishing it hadn’t, it can go a long way to reduce our suffering around the problem.

My practice helps me tremendously with this. When I commit to my practice (which is just doing something mindful for at least 5 minutes a day, more if I have the time, but 5 minutes definitely goes a long way), I am amazed at how much more responsive and how much less reactive I am to what comes my way. I am more likely to simply acknowledge what has shown up and then just take the next indicated step.

If I don’t practice, I get so caught up in WHY something is happening and slip into future worry or past regret. I am amazed at just how well I can handle life and it’s challenges when I am doing my practice regularly. Quite simply, yoga works. It helps us to become more detached; not in a non-feeling or non-caring way but rather in a way where we can step back, take a deep breath and then continue to move forward, slowly and steadily, while dealing with what is before us without getting caught up in fear, sadness, anger or frustration around the obstacle.

The truth of life is that we will be faced with challenges and obstacles along the way. It is how we handle them that matters. If you find yourself getting caught up in all of life’s happenings, take a few minutes to center yourself, take some deep breaths, move, chant and visualize something positive. Remember that relief may not happen instantly and practicing one time isn’t a permanent fix because life continues to happen day in and day out. This is why we practice every day (or every other day at least), so that we can be prepared for what comes our way. We do a practice now (atha) to prepare ourselves for what is to come. One day…one breath at a time!

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With infinite love and gratitude…