Remember the Light within you

Yoga Blend, Burbank, Christy Marsden

Christy Marsden1Happy Spring Equinox and International Day of Happiness! With the budding of Spring and the longer days resulting in more external light, it can be a nice complement to explore the light within us as well.

One of the definitions of yoga is to unite. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Union. To join together to form a complete unit. This has always been the intent of yoga and now science is hopping on board by stressing the importance of mind-body connection.

We experience disharmony when what we think, what we do and what we feel are out of alignment. Through the drama of opposites we call life, it is easy to get pulled into opposing directions and be thinking about one thing, feeling another and doing something else entirely. It happens to me more than I care to admit. And that is why I practice yoga.

The culture in which we are raised, our family upbringing, our current family life, our friends and loved ones, the education we receive, technology, media, the way we treat and eat our food, the work we do and the people we work for and of course our own desires and goals are just some of the very powerful ways in which we forget our ‘Self’ and feel that we are being pulled apart or ‘dis-membered’ in a sense. When we are in this state, it is really hard for the light inside to find its way through all the nooks and crannies that life has created within us. When we are in this state day in and day out, the light stays trapped inside becoming dimmer and dimmer and often times, we forget.

Then we practice yoga. At its core, yoga is about bringing ourselves back to union which is our natural state. Rather than being pulled apart in our mind, body, emotions and spirit, we ‘re-member.’ As a yoga teacher, I often feel more like a reminder, helping people to remember the truth of their wholeness. That thing we already know but when faced with the multitude of distractions that life presents, we somehow forgot it along the way.

We practice to remember that we are a complete unit, that we are whole. When we are aligned in all ways of being, the light inside flows through us naturally and when it is flowing unobstructed, it cannot help but to pour out into the external world as well.

So as we Spring forth into manifesting our dreams from winter…remember the light within you and left it shine out as a gift of your soul for the whole world to honor the whole you.

Namaste… the light in me honors the light in you.