I hope all is well and you are enjoying your summer. I just returned from a completely unplugged, four day camping trip in Yosemite. It was absolutely magical in all the ways and it did wonders for my well being.

According to yoga, a yogi or yogini is someone who contains their prana or life force. All of the things we are responsible for and all the things we do each day slowly drain us of our prana. It is important for us to do things every day to fill back up. Prana is what gives intelligence to the body and mind and is what allows us to heal and recover from injury. It also gives us the ability to positively envision, create and move towards our dreams. Basically, it is what animates our lives.

There are many ways to draw prana in such as the food we eat and the various practices we do. It is what makes up a holistic yoga practice. When we are full of prana we are better able to reflect that fullness out into the world. When we are empty, we tend to project our more limiting qualities such as anger, fear, jealousy, greed, anxiety, etc, instead.

One of the things we can do every day to draw prana in is spend time in nature. After this weekend, I felt and still feel so deeply connected to my body, mind and spirit. Camping out in the cold night air and waking to a brisk morning and then feeling the days getting warmer and warmer until a dip in the ice cold water was necessary to cool off was nourishing to my nervous system and rejuvenating to my soul.

Oftentimes we use the excuse of time to not do the things that fill us up but it is absolutely necessary if we desire a happier and healthier life. If you feel you have no time to do a practice or are not sure what to do, try spending time in nature every day; take a walk, sit outside to meditate, eat lunch or write, lie under the stars and contemplate just how amazing it is to be alive and see how it makes you feel. Imagine you are a part of nature and are breathing in life with every breath…because you are!

We have a lot of workshops coming up to support you in your practice, so please check them all out here. I hope to see you around the studio this week when I am in town!

With infinite love and gratitude…