Peaceful Warriors

I hope your New Year is off to a great start!

Personally, I have been feeling a lot of tension in the air, like an all pervasive edginess that seems to be affecting everyone. One of the gifts of yoga is we become more sensitive. We become more aware of how we think, how we act, what we eat, what we say, etc. This is great! And one of the challenges of yoga is we become more sensitive. We become more affected by the actions of others, more subject to the pain, anger and fear that people carry around and scatter everywhere they go. This is not so great.

Although being awake and aware is wonderful in one sense because we learn to make choices that are more conscious and healthy leading us to greater happiness, it can also be very challenging because it makes us feel everything so much more deeply, including the negative.

This is where the work comes in. We do yoga to be more aware, sensitive, open, accepting, loving, kind, compassionate, etc. Wonderful! The world needs all of this very much!

Also, it is important to remember we do yoga to cultivate strength, create firm boundaries and stand up for what is right. We practice to embrace our peaceful warriors so we may move about the world with integrity, personal power and kindness helping those who don’t have the ability at this time to help themselves. Standing up for each other. We must use our strength to right the wrongs of the world. We must use our ease to offer compassion. The practice is not easy, but it is certainly effective.

The goal in yoga is not to be all bendy and super flexible and become a doormat because we don’t ever want to rock the boat. And it is not to become so firm and strong that we cannot bend or see another perspective. We need both strength and flexibility which is the goal of EVERY yoga posture. Steadiness and ease; stirrha sukha. This is an attitude we seek to embody in our whole being; mind, body and spirt. We are firm (warrior) yet relaxed (peaceful).

So as you practice, notice if your tendency is to lean towards one or the other. We all have our imbalances. The practice is to come to center, embracing both so we can stand strong in what we know to be right and go about it in a nonviolent and compassionate way.

Thank you for you being you and for the doing the work…so that we can do the work 🙂

Shine on peaceful warriors…om shanti
With infinite love and gratitude…