November Moon Musings by Bekah Turner

November Moon Musings
by Bekah Turner

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh

Full moon in Taurus Monday 11/14
New Moon in Sagittarius 11/29

The calming, cooling water element guides us into the last autumnal month of November and the first week is truly about slowing down and letting go. Overall, November invites deep reflection and appreciation of the physical and emotional realms. This is a month of feeling feelings and loving the body and home we find ourselves in at this time.

The full moon on the 14th is earthy, grounded and sensual. This energy wants to cleanse our space and explore the mantra that “our body is a temple.” Go for a long walk and take in all the fall sights and smells. Check out the local farmer’s market and make a delicious, healthy meal with seasonal finds. Treat your body to a luxurious massage or yoga class.

As the moon wanes toward the fiery new moon on the 29th, the invitation is to expand our sights and minds. This is the cycle to plan an adventure or do something fun. As nights grow longer and longer, we need to find ways to keep our life force strong and vital. Bring a little fire into your practice and routine- perhaps trying a new yoga class or organizing a social outing/gathering for like-minded friends. This openness and energy will guide us into December.

If we can allow November to be mostly about slowing and sensing, we can trust we will have the inspiration needed to finish 2016 with clarity and grace.

Have a beautiful month,