Moon Musings for September by Bekah Turner

New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse 2am PST 9/1
Full Moon/Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 11:55am PST 9/16

Eclipse cycles bring new energy and transformation. The month of September 2016 carries two eclipses plus the autumn equinox on 9/22. We are being called to drop deeply into our bodies and dreams. We are being invited to focus on wholeness, connection and at the same time, to acknowledge the places where fragmentation occurs, where differences are formed.

The yoga is between earth and water. Earth as impermanent, water as eternal. How do we flow between what is and what we hope will be?

At the new moon/solar eclipse (and during the waxing phase, where the moon is filling,) turn to your body as teacher and as temple. Open to healing and the actions needed to heal. Where are your wounded? Where do you feel you have lost connection? Can you soften into these spaces? This is a good cycle to commit to changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle. Doing a cleanse, practicing yoga, getting a massage or taking a hike are all useful tasks.

At the full moon and for the two weeks that follow, we look to our dreams, visions and elders for guidance. Spending time at water sources or using trance tools like spontaneous writing or dancing, can support us in dropping into the subconscious, where wisdom is readily available. Listen to the stories of your ancestors, look to the more-than-human world for remembering magic and the real meaning of life.

This is the most powerful month left of 2016. The equinox marks a day of equal light and dark before we move towards longer nights. Can we hold our body and emotions in balance, can we do the work needed in this world to bring us closer to the one of our dreams? Breathe deeply, move consciously and let your vision of wholeness guide you into the autumn.


Bekah Turner is a teacher/manager at Yoga Blend. She is also a mother, writer, shamanic practitioner, budding ecopsychologist, earth worshiper and moon devotee. She celebrates the lunar and seasonal cycles in her classes and workshops, as well as offering a weekly “moon” class every Friday from 5:30-6:45pm.