Moon Musings for October by Bekah Turner

Full Moon Saturday 10/15 9:23pm PDT
New Moon Sunday 10/30 10:38am PDT

the ocean
can calm itself,
so can you.
are both
salt water
mixed with
― Nayyirah Waheed

October begins the day after the first new moon of Autumn. The first half of this month brings us a chance to catch our breath and find our center. The air element is increasing and as the days begin to wane, we are encouraged to slow down, take our time with important tasks and focus on that which is truly important to our lives at this time. Appreciate the beauty as the season changes, (Even Los Angeles can get some spectacular fall sights!) spend time with loved ones and give your body time to rest and renew.

The full moon, full of fire, passion and power, marks the mid-month and we receive much needed energy to finish tasks started last season, or let them go completely. This quality of fire can burn us up and out, so pacing ourselves and staying grounded can support us in not doing too much. This is a lunation that can give us the fuel for a big change, and as long as we don’t harm others with our decisions, it could be a potent opportunity for making a long-awaited dream come true.

Our waning cycle carries us into the element of water and the month ends with the next new moon. In some traditions, this was the end of the year, at the height of autumn, and we spent the next six weeks in a timeless time, a period of gestation, within the veils of spirit, until the sun returns on Winter solstice and the new solar year begins. Let yourself surrender and yield to your soul’s call. It is always in the dark watery womb where transformation occurs. Welcome the increasing darkness and Halloween vibes. Honor your ancestors and those that have passed on. Let yourself cry, sweat and heal in sacred waters.

Many blessings for a sweet and hallowed October,
Om Chandraya Namaha,