Moon Musings for August by Bekah Turner

Happy August, yogis!
The fixed fire/Mid-summer lunar cycle begins Tuesday August 2nd and ends Wednesday August 31st; the Intention: Focus on LOVE! Here is my favorite quote for this cycle, from the Sufi master and poet, Hafiz:

All this time
The sun never says to the earth,

“You owe

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the
Whole Sky.

The new moon begins the new lunar month. Yogis, like most ancient people, have always followed the moon and set their “holy” days around the potent phases. The full moon is the climax of the current cycle, with it officially ending on the dark moon, or the day before the next new moon.

We use the first two weeks, the “waxing phase,” to set intentions, take actions and move our energy (“Prana”) up into the world. The second two weeks, after the full moon, is the “waning” phase, where we start to look inward, release out (“Apana”), surrender what is not working and create space for the new moon being born.

Every moon phase has an element (fire, earth, water, air) and energy (fixed, cardinal, mutable) associated with it. The month of August holds the energy of mid-summer and the sun at it’s peak on our side of the earth. The full moon usually carries the opposing element, and this month we experience fixed air at the climax of the cycle.

It is a yogic (yoking) dance between sun and moon, fire and air, spirit and mind this month.

The power lies in starting strong, using the first two weeks to get as much love, light, passion, play and creativity in as you can. Celebrate all that is still innocent and pure in your heart and soul. Have fun, without causing harm to others. Try something new, make new friends, walk on the wild side!

At the full moon, let yourself observe the effects on your mind. Where are you still limiting yourself, your dreams, others? Where are you judging, being small-minded or holding on to anger? This full moon is an excellent night for moon bathing, practicing deep breathing and meditation.

As the moon grows smaller, come back to what really lights you up, what you truly know you can shine doing in the world. Focus on that as the sky darkens and we move towards fall. Remember to choose love in all things. and if you lose heart, just look up.

Om Chandraya Namaha,

Bekah Turner is a teacher/manager at Yoga Blend. She is also a mother, writer, shamanic practitioner, budding ecopsychologist, earth worshiper and moon devotee. She celebrates the lunar and seasonal cycles in her classes and workshops, as well as offering a weekly “moon” class every Friday from 5:30-6:45pm.