Look inside…

I hope you are doing well and able to give attention to the things that are going good in the world, the things that are working, especially at time when there seems to be so much that is not.

Recently, I was talking with a friend and we were talking about how easy it is to pass judgment, criticize or be upset at everything that is not going well outside of ourselves, even down to the people we are closest to or the most simple of things, like driving in LA. Well, maybe that is not so simple but regardless, when the outside world seems to be full of chaos, it is easy for that state to be reflected in our internal world.

This is where the practice of Yoga can be so helpful. The practice is about turning the attention in, noticing the subtleties of the breath, movements and thoughts, then directing them all towards one common focus so that we can see more clearly. The more clarity we have, the more we can reflect that clear, non-distorted state out into the external world.

Yes, it may be uncomfortable to try to get quiet and look inside when we are anxious and out of sorts but that is even more reason to do so. If we are never looking in, that means we are always looking out. Always looking out can create an excess of negative emotions resulting in high levels of stress which can lead to a variety of health problems which only increases the anxiety about what is going on outside. A vicious cycle indeed.

So, we practice. And not to make us unfeeling machines where nothing affects us but rather to give us the focus, strength, clarity, and inner wisdom to handle all that is going on outside so that we are able to remain more in balance when the world seems to be upside down.

We are all in this together…and love sharing in the practice of Yoga with you.

With infinite love and gratitude…