Listen to the Music

Happy September!

I hope you are having a great summer and enjoying all the good things in life.

I was having trouble yesterday deciding what to write for this newsletter so I opted to let it go for the day, go to my friend’s record release party and re-visit this later. One of the opening acts said something that became my inspiration. Sometimes we are searching and cannot find what we are looking for but when we stop searching and just let go, the answer arrives. I love it when that happens!

The guy on stage was thanking us for coming out and listening. He said “there’s a big difference between ‘going to see a band’ and ‘going to listen to a band play music'”. And it’s so true. Sometimes what we do is all about the show and other times it is all about listening to the music.

During the break, this phrase kept rolling around in my head and I started thinking how this applies to so many things in life. We do something for the ‘show’ rather than the experience. For example, there have been many times when I do a practice and do it to say that I did because I know I should but I am not really listening during it. There are other times when I am being fully present to the experience and really listening to each moment, each breath, each sensation.

With yoga gaining more and more popularity, sometimes it can be all about the show, pretending to be a certain way or doing something so that we can show just how flexible, strong, disciplined or enlightened we are. But are we REALLY? Are we really doing the work to understand ourselves and our relationship to the world around us better, being who we truly are each moment as it arrives, embracing the fullness of the experience? Or are we doing something just because we think we should, to get praise or to feel good about ourselves without really being there?

I don’t know the answer to this for anyone but myself. Yes, I am dedicated to my practice and I am also human. I sometimes get distracted by the show and realize I have stopped listening to the music. When that happens with me or anyone else around me, I try not to judge. Instead I remind myself to have compassion, take a deep breath, focus only on what is before me which helps to stop the incessant chatter so I can truly understand what it is I am experiencing by actually paying attention and listening to the music of life.

Here you will find our modified Labor Day schedule as well as all the great workshops, classes and events we have coming up to support you in listening more deeply, so please be sure and check it all out!

With infinite love and gratitude…