Less is More

Happy middle of the month! The official start to Spring is coming up next week but it seems LA skipped Spring and just went straight to Summer. Yowza!

Perfectly in line with spring cleaning, the renovations at Yoga Blend are complete. Thank you so much for your patience during the transition and for your encouraging words of love and support for our new look. It feels so good to have more light and space in the studio. It is amazing what accumulates over 12 years. Clearing the clutter was definitely a spiritual experience. Ha! I feel like we can all take a deeper breath together and have even more space to connect.

One of my mantras for this year is ‘less is more’. By consciously choosing less scheduling, less media, less clutter, less waste, less negativity, less complaining, etc., and choosing to create more space in my life instead, I feel I am opening myself up to possibility.

Allowing ourselves more time to just be and giving our bodies and minds more time to rest and recover goes a long way in increasing our health and happiness. With so many responsibilities in our lives, it is easy to be over-doers plagued by a never ending to do list. The constant doing can lead the mind and body to respond as if under stress all the time resulting in a variety of ailments and disharmony.

We need the time to just do nothing. To just sit and stare at the clouds or to lie down and rest with no agenda. It is not a luxury, it is a necessity. How often do you give yourself the space to do nothing? Even in our yoga practice, if we are not careful, it can become just another thing to do and to mark off the list. If we approach our practice as a time to just be and allow space for the unfolding rather than forcing and trying to get somewhere, we create the space for true healing to take place.

This is a very challenging practice for me because I live by to do lists and scheduling. My work is to be easy with myself as I incorporate more ‘less’ into my life ;)…and the key is definitely practice. It’s always about the practice. Just show up…do the work…and trust.

Speaking of doing less. After 4 1/2 years of leading Yoga Blend’s 300 hour teacher training solo, I realized that I need help in my effort to honor my mantra of ‘less is more’. With that being said, I am beyond excited to partner with Nicole Eber in this year’s 300 hour teacher training. Having worked together in numerous environments over the past 14 years, I can’t think of a better person to share in the responsibility with. The full details should be up within the next week so please stay tuned!

We have so much goodness coming up at the studio so please be sure and check it all out here.

With infinite love and gratitude…