Less is More

Hello! I hope you are doing well and enjoying the longer days that come with Daylight Savings.

I have been focusing lately on the concept ‘less is more’. I can admit my habit of always feeling the need do more, create more, work more, grow more. And there is nothing wrong with that…until there is 🙂

I love life and always want more of it. I am a huge fan of setting goals and understand the importance of striving towards those self- concordant goals as a key to happiness. However, if it is not balanced with savoring what is here and now, it can pull us out of the present moment and cause us to lack enjoyment, even when the goal is reached. Anything we do habitually can become something we do unconsciously, which is what a habit is: something we do over and over to a point where it becomes almost involuntary, where we are no longer present and mindful, rather we just do something because we have done it for so long.

Habits are good. They help us to do things on a regular basis that are important for our health and happiness, like brushing our teeth, working out, eating well, going on a weekly date with a loved one, etc. However, if we are not careful even the best of habits can become a problem. We can do something so much that we lose the ability to be present to it. We find ourselves daydreaming of something beyond what we are doing which can lead to a sense of dissatisfaction with our every day, mundane activities.

Even with the best of intentions and the most committed of practices, we can get out of balance. Once we recognize that (and most often it is someone outside of us that can reflect that for us since we tend to lean towards our imbalances), all we have to do is slowly but surely begin to move in the other direction. There is no need to race or struggle, just simply turn and walk the other way towards our center by doing practices such as yoga; a practice of making the mundane sacred; a practice of finding the beauty in the simplicity; a practice of doing less to experience more.

Imagining a fantastic future is a wonderful and powerful practice, however it is not done so that we disconnect from the present and wish we were somewhere else but rather it is to put our mind at ease about the future so that we can fully experience the now.

Speaking of being present…it was so wonderful to connect and be present with so many of you during our 11 day anniversary celebration. I feel so grateful for this vibrant community!

We have lots of exciting workshops coming up over the next couple of months. Please check it all out here and of course you can always visit our website for more information.

With infinite love and gratitude…