It’s all about balance!

I love summer.  It has always been the time of year when I feel most alive, excited and full of inspiration and creativity.  The downside to this is that I tend to over schedule myself, saying yes way too often and as a result find myself no longer feeling excited but overwhelmed and burned out instead.

I am learning that just because I can do something and want to do it, doesn’t always mean I should.  The lesson is not an easy one.

We are drawn to what we are like. There is nothing inherently wrong with that.  That is, unless we do something over and over that causes more and more of what we are like, tipping us too far in one direction, making us feel off balance and out of sorts. And then the very things we like, end up causing us suffering and we don’t even realize it because it’s so very much like us that we are unable to differentiate.  See how tricky this can be?

In Yoga (and Ayurveda), treatment is done with opposites.  Because of our tendency to be attracted to who we already are, we want to make sure we anchor ourselves in the opposite direction so that we don’t fall off course.

For this reason, it is important that we do a practice that is appropriate to us and our individual needs taking into account our habits and imbalances. The challenge is knowing what is best for us and when to do it because we just want to do what we are like.  What’s wrong with that?  Nothing.  Until there is.

This is where a teacher or guide can be of value.  Someone outside of us can offer suggestions on how to make sure we stay in balance so that our strengths remain our strengths and our weaknesses don’t come to the forefront of our lives creating unnecessary problems.

At Yoga Blend,  we offer a wide variety of classes and options to support you in your journey towards balance. Thank you for choosing to practice with us.

with infinite love and gratitude…
christy marsden