Yoga Blend, Burbank, Christy Marsden

Happy May!

I hope your month is off to a great start.

This week I found myself getting lost in all the things I have to do and feeling like I will never get caught up.

Noticing my anxiousness around the overwhelm, I paused to take a few deep breaths and decided to focus on what I could do right now rather than than what I couldn’t get to.

There is a principle in the Burning Man culture of immediacy that I have been incorporating into my daily life. How many times have you found yourself saying…”one day I will ________” or “I really need to ______” or “when I get done with all these things, I will then ________”. Quite often? Me too! In practicing immediacy, I will say that thing, then stop and think. Can I do that effectively and efficiently right now? If the answer is yes, I do it, right then, without another moment’s thought.

The more I practice this, the more room I make for other things. Just the other day I was driving home and I thought for the 10th time, I really need to get that extra set of keys for the babysitter but I don’t really feel like stopping for one more errand. I stopped, took a breath, asked myself if I could realistically do it right then. The answer was yes. I stopped, turned the car around, went out of my way and got those keys made. Now, it’s done and I have one less thing to think about or give energy to. My brain has now freed up space for other things. And slowly but surely, my to do list is dwindling.

The same applies with conversations we need to have with someone. If you find yourself having a pretend conversation in your head over and over again with someone, that is taking up valuable space that could be used for something else more productive. So, try having the conversation as soon as you possibly can. Even if you are uncomfortable with it. Often, the thinking about it is worse than the actual thing. Just do the thing and be done with it. Get it our of your brain. Immediately.

This is how I stick with my practice. My first thought upon waking is I need to practice. The 2nd one is, I don’t feel like it. The 3rd thought? There isn’t one, because I stop the mind chatter, roll out my mat and do it. Immediately. No time for excuses. Atha. The very first world of the Yoga Sutras and it translates as Now. Immediacy.

We have a lot of wonderful workshops and events coming up at the Blend in the next few months, as well as our Holiday schedule and some schedule changes. Please check it all out here.

Thank you for choosing to practice with us at Yoga Blend.

With love and infinite gratitude…