How bad do you want it?

I have just arrived back from almost a month in India and Bali and experienced so much that I have barely started to process it all.  However, the one thing that kept showing up for me (and continues to do so) was that the journey to getting anywhere worthwhile can be a challenge.  In fact, it is usually is. 

Of course, there are times when things come easily and effortlessly and for those times, I am very grateful. But more often than not, when something is worth it to us, when it has meaning, it requires consistency of effort.  It requires sticking it out when the going gets tough.  It requires stamina and perseverance.  It requires sitting in the discomfort and breathing through, no matter what.  

A question that I present often when working with people about their dreams, vision, goals, etc is:  How bad do you want it? Meaning, if you want it bad enough, no challenge is too great, no obstacle is insurmountable, no ‘failure’ is seen as a sign to give up. If it really, truly calls to your heart then you know deep down that the journey is worth it even if every part of you is trying to convince you otherwise.  This is what keeps us going no matter what.  We know that we are on the pursuit of the worthwhile.