Happy May!

I hope your month is off to a great start! I love this time of year and I also have to be careful not to schedule too much. Something about the quickening of the earth and all the growth that is happening causes me to move faster, schedule more and forget that the most healing and happiness occurs in the stillness, quiet and non-activity.

I have a lot going on in my life. Sometimes it feels overwhelming and I find myself just going through the motions from one thing to the next just to get it all done. And at other times I am able to slow down, enjoy the process and simply allow things to unfold as they will. I definitely prefer the latter, so why is it I find myself in the former state more often than I would like? Habits.

Anytime we know something is good for us, yet we are not doing it consistently, it can lead to feelings of frustration and judgement towards ourselves. If we are doing one thing over and over and we do it for years, we get really good at it. It becomes a habit. No need to judge, it’s just what we have being practicing. In order to get different results, we have to do something different. If a habit is causing us to suffer we must create a new, healthier habit while remembering that no matter how much we want that new habit, it is going to take practice and it can be challenging simply because we are not used to doing it. However, we have to trust that with consistent practice and time, it will become easier so we have to just keep at it. Even when we fall off the wagon, we just get back up and do it again, over and over until it becomes a habit.

So, this summer my practice is to schedule less and incorporate more stillness and non-doing into my life. I know that from a place of stillness is where I find moments of clarity, peace and inspiration so I have to remember when my busy little self gets busy trying to pack in as much as possible that I need to stop, breathe and slow down before mindlessly scheduling and planning more.

Maybe there is something you do regularly that causes you to suffer in some way, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. Perhaps use this time to find balance by practicing something different. That is what yoga help us to do. We do something different and eventually it becomes the new normal.

Here’s to an amazing summer of creating new habits that allow for more joy and ease in our lives.

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With infinite love and gratitude…