Gratitude and Growth

Happy New Year!

I hope you had wonderful holidays filled with lots of celebration, love, laughter and great food, no matter how you chose to celebrate! I am very excited about the new year and being back at the Blend more regularly when our teacher training begins at the end of the month!

With the start of a new year, many of us may been thinking of what we want to create in the coming months. After years of setting goals and reaching them only to set more goals and stress out to reach them, I have decided to go with a different approach this year. I am still a huge fan of self-concordant goals and think it is absolutely necessary to facilitate growth in our lives…to be the creators of our own story. In fact, science proves that happiness increases when we set goals that have meaning to us and strive to reach them. However, if we are not careful it is very easy to get in the habit of constantly striving towards the future which can lead to a sense of dissatisfaction with the present and all that we already have in our lives.

In the yoga sutras, it speaks of finding the balance between gratitude and growth. Without gratitude and appreciation, nothing we grow towards and achieve will ever be enough. Gratitude is the seed from which growth occurs. Often, if and when we arrive at our goal, we are unable to truly enjoy it because there is always some other sparkly ‘goal’ distracting us from savoring what we have just accomplished. This leads us to suffering. What is the point of setting a goal if we cannot enjoy it once reached? We set goals because we think by getting somewhere or reaching something…we can finally be happy. But the only place we can be happy is now. If we cannot find happiness in the moment, we certainly won’t find it in the future.

Now, am I going to continue to set goals for myself? Yes. Will I continue to grow and evolve and create something new? Absolutely! However, I want to slow down my approach and stop chasing the future and practice being content with this moment, trusting and enjoying the process.

My goals for this year are much more simple, manageable and balanced allowing lots of time for simply being, appreciating, connecting and taking care of myself. I am looking forward to sharing in this with you and the Yoga Blend community! May we all reach our goals while enjoying and savoring the journey as well as acknowledging and appreciating each accomplishment not matter how small it may be or seem.

Coming up this year we have changed the format of our teacher training and I am very excited about it. It is my favorite time of the year teaching alongside two of my favorite people, Nicole Honnig Eber and Bekah Turner. So many people have told us they are not sure they want to teach but would love to deepen their practice…others have said they definitely don’t want to teach but would love to learn more. We listened! This year we are offering an opportunity for you to simply learn more about yoga with our Deepen Your Yoga Immersion. After the immersion, you are welcome to continue with the teacher training process, but only if you want to. All of this starts on January 30th. Please feel free to email Bekah ( to discuss the options and see if the immersion or teacher training is right for you! Or click here for more info!

With infinite love and gratitude…