Freedom and Focus

Happy July!

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the energy of summer.

As we move into the holiday weekend, I am using my practice to be really mindful of everything I do so that I can relax because a focused mind is a relaxed mind. The more conscious and mindful we are about what we are doing, the more time seems to slow down. So, when things get busy and overwhelming we actually need to move slower which seems counter-intuitive. This is really challenging work for me because I like to get things done and as a result tend to think fast and move fast which really doesn’t create the experience I want during not the results I desire after.

The way we can apply this in our physical practice is by paying attention to the breath and how our body is moved by it. It doesn’t matter if the mind drifts 100 times. Just keep calling it back to the breath. Keep letting the breath, the mysterious phenomena that happens whether we think about it or not, inform every movement. It is through this relationship of mind, body and breath that the magic of yoga happens.

With focus we become relaxed and when relaxed, we see more clearly which allows us to make better choices in our everyday lives, like what to eat, how to speak, where to put our energy, what to say yes to and what to say no to, etc. Imagine a world where nothing gets in the way of our clarity; where nothing gets in the way of our knowing who we are are and what makes us happy and how to live that in every moment. This is the ultimate freedom.

My goal this weekend as our nation celebrates freedom is to embody freedom in my thoughts by focusing, in my body by moving consciously with strength and ease and in my breath by breathing deeply because the ultimate freedom comes from within.

I am really excited to be co-creating a workshop in a few weeks with my friend, CJ who is a Shaman Sound Healer and Reiki Master. Also, our annual Chakra Retreat info is finally up and open for registration! You can find more information about this and all the other great workshops and events we have coming up as well as our modified holiday schedule here.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and festive holiday.

With infinite love and gratitude…