Focus on what you love…

Hello! I hope you are doing wonderful and enjoying the last few weeks of summer.

Over the past few weeks I have been really thinking about the things I love the most and how to focus most of my energy on those things.

It is easy to get caught in the cycle of worrying about or dealing with all the things that are challenging and difficult; the things that are not going well; the things we don’t like.  When instead, we would be much better off putting more energy and time into the things we are really good at, the things we love.

It always makes me think of the parable of the bunny rabbit who was excelling in running and hopping class.  He was the head of the class and having a blast. School was fun and he was happy.

Then it was time for swimming class.  The bunny was not good at swimming. He just couldn’t seem to figure it out.  The fish were crushing it.  He was not. He dreaded swimming class every day.

Because he was weak at it, his teachers decided he needed to do more swimming so he could improve and since he was so good at running and hopping classes, they decided he didn’t need to do those anymore.  He was a natural.  Why waste his time?

As a result of more swimming classes and no running and hopping, the bunny became discouraged and depressed.  He didn’t like school anymore. He wasn’t good enough or strong enough, and he didn’t enjoy what he was doing. His confidence plummeted and he started doing poorly in all the other subjects as well.

I think this story is such a great reminder to focus on what we love and what we are good at. If we aren’t good at something, we think we should do it more to make us stronger. But according to scientific research, the opposite is true.

If the “bunny” or “we” were encouraged to do more running and hopping classes, we would gain more confidence, strength and enthusiasm for being allowed to excel.  Through that process, our weaknesses would rise up to a manageable level so that we could do well enough in those areas.

We don’t have to be good at everything.  In fact, we shouldn’t be.  We would be much better off to focus on the things we love, the things we are good at, the things that give us energy.  Then we can use that energy to do the things that need to be done, whether we are good at them or not.  And then those things won’t be that big of a deal because we have spent so much time cultivating our strengths that we get stronger and can handle what comes our way, even if we are not that great at it.

What are you good at? What lights you up? What makes you happy?  Try giving as much attention as you can to those things.  Then the rest, even if it’s something that’s hard or that you are not good at, will simply be things along the way that you handle because you are confident, you are strong and you are capable.  Doing what you love and are good at will prove that to you!

At Yoga Blend we encourage you to do what you can.  Take care of yourself.  We want you to feel better when you leave class.  Not discouraged.  Yoga is a way to find clarity and peace, not something to be “good” at.  We love supporting you on your path. Thank you for practicing with us.

with infinite love and gratitude…
christy marsden