Finding Center

I hope you’re enjoying the Spring. Our lives, just like nature, are changing all the time. As things happen or show up in our lives, we are quick to label them as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Once that is decided, we either go towards something or we run from it. In the running towards or away, it is important to remember we’re still running. And if we’re always running, eventually we will suffer because it’s not sustainable.

There is a tendency to cling to what we want and try to avoid what we don’t. So much of what I have read, studied, practiced and experienced centers around the idea that this constant clinging and avoiding is why we suffer. What we hold so dear will eventually change and actually is changing all the time whether we recognize it or not. On the flip side, what we try to avoid will dance its way around us until it finds a way in. We can only resist what is happening for so long before the dam breaks.

So what can we do about it? Finding that place in the center where we act to the best of our ability, with all the tools and awareness that we can muster up allows us into a state of receptivity, which may sound passive but is actually anything but. By being receptive, we are neither clinging or pushing. We are completely awake to and aware of what is happening as it happens without the constant struggle of trying to get one thing to stay the same while simultaneously trying to get another to change.

Yoga (which is meditation) can be of great help in finding that place in the center. That place where we are strong enough to stay focused, yet relaxed enough to receive what is before us and adapt as needed.

I have been paying a lot more attention lately to just how tightly I hold and how firmly I push. When I am doing either too intensely, I realize I need to stop what I am doing and practice. Usually just a couple of minutes of mindful breathing, chanting or sun salutes is enough to allow me to let go of the grip and ease back on the push. When I practice, I am able to draw the attention in, away from the extremes and into the center. Although at times we may need more than a couple of minutes to really find our power and sustain that center place for longer periods of time, a little bit truly does go a long way. So just practice. It truly is that simple.

We have so much coming up over the next couple of months, so please be sure and check it all out above by clicking the Workshops & Events tab. I am really excited to lead a Communication Workshop on Saturday, May 30th offering tools for Expressing Your Truth in a way that can be heard. I hope to see you there or around the studio next weekend!

With infinite love and gratitude…