Expressing your truth

I hope you are having a great month so far!

As Bekah and I prepare for our Chakra Yoga Retreat next month and a weekly Chakra Yoga class we are adding in November, the Chakras have been ever present in my mind and as such, I have been reflecting on when I first learned about the Chakras and just how important this work has been in my life.

Over 16 years ago when I was dealing with an extremely overactive thyroid and was really sick, I discovered the subtle anatomy of the Chakra System. I was sitting in my office at a corporate job that was super toxic. I was full of stress and anxiety. This is not what actually happened next, but this is definitely how I remember it. A gush of wind blew and the window flew open and in through the window, came a book which fluttered open to the page on the 5th chakra and what can happen when it is out of balance.
Now, mind you, my office didn’t even have a window, but the point is, somehow this message landed in my lap, almost as if by magic, and changed the course of my health, my yoga practice and ultimately, my life.

I learned that a blockage in the energy around the throat or 5th chakra, which relates to expressing our truth, can result in all kinds of health related issues. I grew up in a very small town in the very conservative South in the 70s and was not encouraged to question, speak up or say anything that went against any type of authority. Have you ever got a lump in your throat when you wanted to say something so badly, but you are afraid? I spent most of my childhood (and even in to adulthood) doing just that.

Well, turns out that energetic lump can develop into something much more problematic when it is done over and over and over again resulting in things such as mono, strep throat, tonsillitis, TMJ, thyroid problems, etc. I had experienced them ALL chronically.

When I read those words on the page, I had a moment of awakening to what had been happening energetically in my throat area for most of my life. I had been repressing my voice, who I was and how I wanted to be in the world. That was the moment I dove into the Chakras and begin to do the work I needed to do in order to heal the area of my throat and learn to express my truth. This work continues to inform my teaching and my life still today and I so grateful for that day so many years ago.

At Yoga Blend, we love offering the practices that have helped us so that perhaps they can help you too. We all heal in different ways. It’s nice to have a variety of tools to help us do so.