Happy May! I hope you are enjoying your Spring and the blooming of life all around.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about expectations. Over the years, I have often heard (and maybe you have too) that we shouldn’t have expectations when we practice. Yet, we set goals for our future and of course we want them to come to fruition. Which means we actually do expect something. One of my teachers used to say, “Yoga helps us to get comfortable with paradox”. And I couldn’t agree more.

On the one hand, it is important that we show up to our practice and our life with no expectations of what the future holds, being present to what the moment brings and flexible enough to adapt when things don’t turn out our way. These are very valuable skills and ones that I have been actively cultivating (with some resistance I admit 🙂 for many years.

On the other hand, why would we ever set a goal if we didn’t expect it to come true? We must have some level of expectation when we set out to achieve something, whether it is opening a yoga studio, auditioning for a role, buying a home, eating healthier, starting a yoga practice, or beginning a new relationship. If we think we are going to fail, why even try? It is really difficult to get motivated towards a negative outcome.

This is where our practice can be so helpful. First, this is the only moment that exists and everything is perfect just as it is. At the same time, it is okay to want more, to change, to grow, to evolve. Paradox.

The key is to imagine the best possible future happening which will give us the sufficient energy to take action right now to support that vision and in doing that, we can actually enjoy the journey. Our actions created the past, they create the moment and ultimately, they create the future. So by acting ‘as if’ right now, the rest will fall into place just as it will, whether or not we expect it to.

“Yoga helps us get comfortable with paradox.” That is definitely motivation for me to continue to show up to my mat time and time again. Finding comfort in the discomfort, in the absurd, in the contradiction. A very valuable skill indeed.

We have so much coming up that it can be hard to keep track of it all. Please take a look at what all is happening around the Blend to support you in your practice…with no expectations of course…or maybe just a little ;). To see all of our upcoming workshops visit the Workshops & events tab above.

With infinite love and gratitude…