Envision a Bright Future

I hope your month and year is off to a great start.

I was talking to someone I met last weekend who was asking me questions about what feels like to me a previous life. It was a time when I knew deep down that I was a good person but for some reason my life and the people around me didn’t reflect the deep longing of my heart. I drank and smoked too much. I woke up with anxiety attacks on the regular. I wasn’t doing what I loved. I was surrounded by negative people who I didn’t trust. I was unfit, unhealthy and unhappy. That was 23 years ago.

Then, I stumbled my hungover self into a yoga class which changed my life forever. My teacher was someone who believed in me. She saw that thing inside me that I had lost sight of. She challenged, encouraged and guided me. She convinced me to take teacher training. I remember crying, thinking, there is no way anyone would ever want to learn from me, I am a wreck. But she didn’t give up on me.

I took that training and it showed me the potential for who I could become through the practice, regardless if I was planning to teach others. It was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Eventually I did start teaching simply to try to give back what I had gained. In my heart, I have thanked that amazing woman, Betty, every day for the past 23 years.

Through the practice of yoga, I became more aware of my food choices, more conscious of my thoughts, more attentive to my body. I learned ways to breathe through stress and envision a brighter future. I learned to pause and reflect. I learned to treat myself and others with honesty and kindness. I learned to be the higher version of myself; the one that I still actively apply effort toward being on a daily basis. And that is why 23 years later, I am still at it and just as passionate about teaching as I was when I taught my first class.

This weekend we begin a 4 weekend immersion for those wishing to deepen their yoga. Maybe you want to gain more strength and/or flexibility (we need both!), reduce stress, increase focus, improve your relationships, get more clarity or envision a fantastic future. Whatever your reasons, this immersion is a great chance to do any and all of that, regardless if you are interested in teaching. And if you decide you do want to teach, you could always upgrade to the teacher training later.

The first word of the Yoga Sutras is Now. Maybe now is the time to invest in you and your personal growth. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact me directly, christy@yogablend.com.

Thank you for choosing to explore your practice at Yoga Blend. Whether through an immersion, teacher training, workshops or classes, we are honored to guide you on your path.

With infinite love and gratitude…